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Top Five Yoga Poses for Lacrosse Players

Yoga for Lacrosse - Best Poses to Improve Athletic Performance!

The practice of yoga has been traced back to nearly 10,000 years ago. However, it is only recently researched and discovered to improve athletic performance. We see players within the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL embracing the mind - body benefits of yoga. We understand colleges and universities are adopting active rest and recovery in the form of yoga into their training strategies.   The practice of yoga makes you stronger a more powerful and better balanced athlete and you don't need much to get started!

Practice these Five Poses for Improved Performance!

Standing Side Bend / Standing Back Bend: Shoulder injuries are one of the most common setbacks that lacrosse players experience. Most of us neglect our shoulders and do minimum work on mobility, which is essential for more powerful shooting and keeping injuries away.   This stretch opens your shoulders, chest, and improves overall upper-body mobility.

Crescent Lunge with Eagle Arms: This combination provides hip mobility and balance while opening your upper-back and shoulders.  Both poses provide balance, while improving overall mobility, and help gain more fluency within the body.   

Warrior Two: Warrior Two is an extremely effective posture for strengthening your lower-body and your core. This posture improves hip mobility, strengthens your glutes, and even strengthens your abs. This pose increases focus, aids in preventing injury, and makes your hips and abs stronger.

Warrior Three - Airplane: This pose simultaneously increases mobility (especially in your hamstrings), balance and focus. While you balance on one leg, you strengthen your ankles, abs, and your entire lower-body.

Dancer: Dancer is an awesome pose for lacrosse players because it directly mimics the motion that lacrosse players make for shooting. This balancing posture helps to open your chest while simultaneously developing strength and stability in your lower-body and core. This combination leads to faster shots, more fluid movement, and even reduces your risk of injury.

Practice these poses and watch your game change!

Improved Muscle Activation: Improved muscle activation means you have more muscles working when you exercise or play lacrosse. Yoga helps to turn on muscles that take more awareness and attention to turn on. This translates to a higher number of muscles engaged for more powerful shots, faster change of direction and more powerful sprints. 

Injury Prevention: Yoga provides overall active rest for the body while stretching your muscles. What's more, yoga is more than simply touching your toes.  It  activates specific muscle groups to get your body ready to play while keeping injury away. 

Improved Focus: Lacrosse requires a high level of physical fitness to play well, but it also requires focus and concentration to compete at your best. Yoga provides a mind - body connection with a focus on breath, improving overall focus and concentration.